Workshops @ G O L A R A

“My mission is to introduce STEAM in a way that brings girls and boys together to do more of the multidisciplinary work within STEM & Engineering. I wish to emphasize the importance of arts, and promote it as an initial step for computational thinking.” 

An Introduction to Art & Design with Math Puzzles; 2018 – 2019

The Art teacher and I introduced principles of design via math puzzles at Buford middle school

Global Artists; 2018 – 2019

This program came together in collaboration with the Fralin Museum of Art at the University of Virginia and Greenbrier Elementary School. We worked directly with refugee children to ease assimilation 

Cosmic Nebulae Painting ; July, August & September 2018

We are talking about some of the ways density affects paint’s behavior, and will be paying special attention to one way in particular- an instability that causes paint to move and create patterns on its own, without any artistic direction! This effect also shows up in Supernova Nebulae, during the initial wave of star-material out into space. It is the reason for the delicate threads of color that seem to stretch across and around the nebula.
We’ll be experimenting with this density effect in our paint, observing how our different colors interact, and using this to paint our interpretation of a nebula- playing with the same physical phenomena present in the real thing.

Make to learn at the Buford Middle School &  Spark Lab at the Smithsonian

Canvas for a Cause (Unity) Part II at the Downtown Mall

Dive Deep into Purple

Tom Tom: A Brief History of Purple

This workshop asked why the color purple is not a “real” color, based on science and history. Attendees told stories about the color purpleand used their shared knowledge and experiences to create art solely with this amazing color and its complements.

March 31st, Canvas for a Cause at the Bridge PAI

” CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) – Some people in Charlottesville are using art to show support for the transgender community. Dozens gathered at THE BRIDGE Progressive Arts Initiative Saturday, March 31, to paint a canvas for Transgender Day of Visibility. Signing a raw canvas instead of a petition gave people the opportunity to express what transgender equality means to them. Organizers say the event brought attention to the accomplishments of trans people in Charlottesville. “It actually brings more community involvement to actually support us, because we all deserve equality,” said speaker Mia Mason. 

“We’re not asking for anything special. We just want the same rights and benefits and privileges that every other American has,” speaker Donna Price said. Organizers hope to donate the canvas to an LGBTQ organization in Charlottesville. ” – NBC29

Family Art JAMs, The Fralin Museum of Art at University of Virginia